Bullet Weights Tungsten Skirt Punch Weight
Fillet and Release Fishing Co.

Bullet Weights Tungsten Skirt Punch Weight

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Get your bait through that matted surface cover, down to where the big bass live and feed, with the Bullet Weights™ Tungsten Skirt Punch Weight. This nose-heavy, streamlined weight features a compact design that punches through thick vegetation without picking up debris and without creating a commotion that could spook what's waiting below. Its flat matte finish is non-reflective and resists chipping or scratching. Molded-in mushroom-style collar allows you to give your Punch Weight extra flair by adding a silicone or rubber filament skirt (not included).

  • Punches cleanly through surface vegetation
  • Stealthy flat matte finish
  • Streamlined, compact design
  • Won't spook your target
  • Mushroom-style skirt collar