Creme Spoiler Spin
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Creme Spoiler Spin

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With its versatile dual-action design, the Creme Spoiler Spin compels fish to bite when other lures fall short. The detachable spinner arm flashes a blade throughout the water column, at almost any speed, attracting game fish in all waters, while the nonstop tail action of the soft plastic swimbait induces devastating strikes. Fish the Spoiler Spin fast or slow, deep or shallow; whether you need to cover water quickly, or work a spot thoroughly, this Crème lure brings the active fish out of hiding, in deadly fashion.

  • Versatile dual-action design
  • Compels fish to bite when others can't
  • Detachable spinner arm with flashy blade
  • Soft plastic swimbait body with nonstop tail action
  • Can be fished fast or slow, shallow or deep
  • Great for locating active fish
  • 1/8oz.