Megabass Vibration-X Jr. - Silent
Megabass Vibration-X Jr. - Silent
Megabass Vibration-X Jr. - Silent
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Megabass Vibration-X Jr. - Silent

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Megabass Vibration-X Jr., with a wide kicking action that is made possible by the flat head design and low-mount center of gravity, creates an immense flash and impact unlike that of any previous small vibration plugs. The concave flat head design works in concert with the precisely tapered spine and balancer system, creating a superb hi-pitch vibration you can feel in the palm of your hand during any retrieve speed. In addition, the unique flat head design keeps the lure from popping up, even when burning the lure. Vibration-X Jr. is equally versatile with slow retrieves, stop-and-go and rips of the rod, displaying powerful vibration and flash.

Vibration-X Jr. Silent
2-1/2 in.
1/2 oz.