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Mustad 5X Hoodlum Livebait Hook

Mustad 5X Hoodlum Livebait Hook

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The big-boy version of the famous Hoodlum series. The Mustad® UltraPoint 5X Hoodlum Livebait Hook is designed to give you the upper hand in presenting live, chunk, or strip baits to monster tuna and billfish weighing hundreds of pounds. Built on heavy-gauge round wire, with a wide gap, large barb, and a hand-welded, chafe-proof round wire Rosco® action ring, the 5X Hoodlum provides maximum hooking and holding power. With its ring connector, the Hoodlum allows a more natural bait presentation, and neutralizes a hooked fish's ability to gain control in a long, drawn-out fight. Super sharp UltraPoint® hook point; Eco-Friendly corrosion-resistant black nickel finish.
Manufacturer model #: R10814NP-BN

  • Targets monster tuna and billfish
  • Provides maximum hooking and holding power
  • Built on heavy-gauge round wire
  • Wide gap design with large barb
  • Hand-welded, chafe-proof round wire Rosco action ring
  • Super sharp UltraPoint hook point
  • Eco-Friendly corrosion-resistant black nickel finish
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