Rage 2-Blade SC Broadheads
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Rage 2-Blade SC Broadheads

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Pairing a big leading edge blade with even better Shock Collar™ technology, Rage® 2-Blade SC Broadheads carry power through impact for larger wounds and better bloodtrails. Featuring Rage's proven 2-blade HexFlat™ design, this broadhead flies like a field tip to put your shot on target. Improved Shock Collar technology ensures the blades stay in place without grabbing or deflecting until the precise moment of contact to deliver full kinetic energy through entry. Led by the SC's large .039" leading edge blade, Rage's proven slip cam design deploys the 2 razor sharp .035" stainless steel blades upon contact to deliver the same deadly force as a 2" fixed broadhead.

  • Proven Rage 2-Blade design for hunters with improved Shock Collar technology
  • Flies like a field tip
  • Clean entry - no grabbing or deflecting
  • Shock Collar technology - full blade deployment during entry
  • Large .039" leading edge blade - no loss of kinetic energy through impact
  • 2 razor sharp .035" stainless steel blades - 2" cutting diameter
  • 3 pack