Roboworm Curly Tail Worm
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Roboworm Curly Tail Worm

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The Roboworm 4.5" Curly Tail Worms are proven fish-catchers featuring consistent "hand poured" quality. Many anglers know that finding a really good hand-poured worm can be tough. The colors and quality are often inconsistent and the company may or may not be in business the next time you need the product. Roboworm has solved this dilemma by 'hand pouring' with a computer programmed robotic machine. With the Curly Tail Worms as with all Roboworm products, you can count on consistent colors and quality from pack to pack, year to year.

Try the Roboworm Curly Tail Worms any time you need a small worm for dropshotting, split shotting, or darter heading. You'll get light, flexible and buoyant plastic in clear, natural colors, as well as, lots of action from the thin, curled tail. But more importantly, they'll give you the confidence you need to fish them effectively.

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