Tsunami Cable/Wire Shark Circle Hook Rig
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Tsunami Cable/Wire Shark Circle Hook Rig

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If you're hoping for massive shark bites, the Tsunami® Cable/Wire Shark Circle Hook Rig is built with the kind of expertise needed to withstand razor-sharp rows of teeth while you land your next picture-worthy shark. Purposefully designed by the expert anglers at Tsunami and assembled with high-end components. The ultra-sharp circle hook is made of heavy-duty wire for the strength needed to dig in and hold on. This shark rig is made with a heavy-duty steel cable and single-wire construction, so it won't fail when the moment of impact arrives. This saltwater fishing rig is made to withstand harsh saltwater fishing environments for years of reliable service.

  • Perfect for catching sizable shark
  • Built to withstand razor-sharp teeth
  • Purposefully designed by experts
  • Ultra-sharp circle hook made of heavy-duty wire
  • Heavy-duty steel cable, single-wire construction
  • 18/0 Circle Hook
  • 48" Length