Westin Stick Worm
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Westin Stick Worm

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Take a poll of the best bass anglers in America and they’ll almost all tell you one thing - stick baits catch bass, period. And, hey, we love to catch bass. An enhancement on the tried-and-true stick bait, the Westin Stick Worm shimmies to the bottom thanks to a unique, V-shape body design. Two thicker middle sections ensure O-rings and hooks aren’t going anywhere, while a heavy peppering of Nasty Worm Scent makes sure no fish - or human - can ignore the potent presence of the Stick Worm.

  • Free from toxic phthalates
  • Hook slots in the back and belly for easy rigging
  • Weedless design
  • Ideal for Wacky and Texas rigging, EWG/Worm hooks
  • Nasty Worm Scent

Full salt-infused heavy body for weightless rigging


Size: 5in.   Quantity: 5